Dencor InfiniteROI Energy Management Solution

Automated Monitoring & Active Energy and Demand Management

Your facility is the face of your company; its what your customer knows you by so it must function properly.  The environment has to be comfortable, food needs to be stored at a safe temperature and served at the proper one, lighting must be illuminated at the proper times and equipment should function correctly and when needed.  Wouldn't it be nice if there were a system that would automate and take care of this automatically?  There is.  Our InfiniteROI Energy Management Solution will perform all of these functions, and more, with no opfront cost to you.  We take care of everything; the installation using our expert installers, the set up, system commissioning, the ongoing monitoring and system optimization.  We have been the energy and demand management industry leader since 1973. Let us show you how we can reduce your costs and provide a consistent and higher quality environment for you and your customers.


Dencor LLC has been the thought and functional leader in Active Demand and Energy Management systems to the convenience, restaurant and solar sectors for over 40 years.

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